Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank You

A full week has passed since my Art Show/Party and I believe I am once again tethered to the Earth. A huge thank you to all the friends and relatives who helped me get ready for this event. I wasn't able to reconstruct the house, yard, have a little lunch and frame 27 paintings single handedly. Extreme gratitude for the help and good wishes of my friends. My weekend was a huge success and now many of my paintings are brightening the walls of other homes. I also can't forget to acknowledge Instructors Joe Paquet and Richard Abraham for making this possible.

As an aside to the show, the door was flung open to my art studio upstairs and a few forgotten paintings were unearthed, such as the one posted today. It certainly represents the season now--bright green with bits of lavender, pink and white flowers. I love the fragrant air and the color mixed into the greens.

Since the show, the bird series has started and another show booked at a local cafe. I guess I now have the wings--literally and figuratively--for the next level of painting. Thanks again...

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